Wall Street Would Kill for the Kind of High-Profit Momentum We’re Riding Every Day

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In my work as Chief Investment Strategist, I read literally thousands of articles and data points every week on your behalf while hunting for the world’s best investment opportunities.

Last week, one in particular jumped out at me.

It’s important because it’s proof positive that Wall Street… brace yourself… is imagining things.

Yeah. Shocking, I know.

CNBC reported on findings from Credit Suisse that an unusually high number of companies have fallen from the ranks of top earnings growers to the bottom 20.

To hear it put that way, it sounds bad – and the chart I’m going to show you in a second certainly appears scary.

But of course, there’s much, much more going on. We’re right at the heart of it, and it’s got tremendous implications for our moneymaking journey together.

This Looks Bad (It Really Isn’t), but They Want You Scared

Any Wall Street hack would tell you this chart depicts nothing less than the end of the financial universe as we know it.

That’s not true.

As usual, Wall Street is imagining things, and they want you to fall for it because every person who sells out of those big companies – the very same companies (not coincidentally) mentioned in this chart – gives them another opportunity to separate you from your money. Especially when it comes to Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM), Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG), and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL).

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Businesses like these operate in conjunction with longer-term capital flows… and those don’t change that often. That’s the real reason there have been only three such earnings reversals since 1990 involving this many companies.

What’s more, it’s also why you want to pay attention to the real message: Getting in front of the momentum of unstoppable trends and riding it for all your worth is the key to superior returns.

Consider the blistering momentum we’re riding right now…

We’re Tapping Some of the Fastest Growth on Earth

Energy consumption – in all forms – is going up as world population increases. The fact that there’s a conservation effort in first tier countries doesn’t change the correlation – nor does it magically erase the growth in countries that are catching up.

Cloud data is growing, and spending to keep up is, too. Amazon web services, for example, saw revenue jump 45% to $7.43 billion in the recent quarter. Microsoft’s Azure cloud revenue jumped 76%. Google doubled the number of $1 million-plus transactions it brought to fruition in 2018.

The Internet of things is on track for a jaw-dropping 21% compound annual growth rate by 2024. And I think that number is an order of magnitude low, by the way. Still, the chart is impressive.

And speaking of global growth, contrary to what a lot of folks want to believe, business is GREAT outside China, and companies without exposure there are poised for huge gains. Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), Apple, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB), Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX)….

You get the idea.

My point is that it’s very hard to derail this kind momentum, especially when it’s driving the Unstoppable Trends we follow – demographics; scarcity/allocation; medicine; energy; technology; and war, terrorism, and ugliness.

The headlines should really read: “Wall Street’s Big, Bad Analysts Get It Wrong AGAIN!”

Data points like Credit Suisse’s study inadvertently prove that, which means there’s never been a better time to load up on companies that Wall Street is dissing!

If this gives you pause, that’s good. It means you’re paying attention and are serious about capturing huge profits… the kind of money I call “Total Wealth.”

The real story is that massive skews create equally massive profit potential. And it’s my job to help you find it.

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