Use This “Rare Event” Trading Strategy to Double Your Returns

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Imagine buying into Apple Inc. ahead of its first iPhone release…

Or betting against Equifax Inc. prior to its devastating data breach…

These events created HUGE windfalls for those “in the know,” who were set up to profit from them.

Unfortunately, most investors act too late. They play it safe, wait for the news, and trade after a big event – missing most of the gains.

But waiting won’t bring you returns of 100% (or more) – as we’ll show you today…

For the very first time, Tim Melvin is appearing on Fast Profits. He’s doing what he does best – bringing you two rare hidden “gems” in the market that can lead you to almost unheard-of returns.

His system (you can learn more about it right here) uses expert mathematics and strategy to identify these potential targets – and it’s downright impressive. In fact, he once went undefeated with over 119 wins and 0 losses using this method.

Today he applies it to the options market to give you two trade recommendations that could turn just a few hundred dollars into a huge payoff – eight times your money or better.

Watch the video below to get these recommendations now.

Your Fast Profits Trade Details

If the rare events Tim just shared with you occur, you could be looking at a HUGE payout.

In fact, by getting in now at the right price, you could potentially see your investment return grow by eightfold.

All you need to do is follow the instructions below:

Buy to open the TSLA Jan. 17, 2020 $150/$125 put spread. Look to pay no more than $3.10.

Buy to open the MU Jan. 17, 2020 $55/$65 call spread. Look to pay no more than $1.25.

Remember, spread trades involve simultaneously buying one option and selling another.

By using Tim’s undefeated strategy of spotting these “hidden gems” in the market, you’re setting yourself up to get in at the very best prices… so you can cash out with the very best gains.

Even better, this strategy is designed to eliminate stock losses altogether. And it’s how he was once able to secure an impressive track record of 119 trades and 0 total losses before joining our team.

In fact, he’s delivered MASSIVE gains on stocks like 270%, 350%, 358%, 368%, 623%, and 787%.

So it’s no surprise that thousands of readers have seen how his strategy works for themselves and decided to join him.

And now, he’s put together a report with 10 new recommendations, each of which can make you over 1,000% gains.

Learn how to get it right away – and join Tim on his next trade – right here.

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