This Global Conflict Is Heating Up (and So Are These Stocks)

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The last time the Doomsday Clock was this close to midnight, it was 1953, and Russia had detonated its first nuclear bomb. As threats to the United States mount on a daily basis, the media likes to focus on the big players, like Russia and China. But there is another, even more volatile conflict in which two major nations are eyeing the big red button.

Fortunately, a handful of defense companies have developed the necessary technology to keep America safe from this brewing tragedy, and Uncle Same pays them handsomely for it. That means they are some of the safest, most lucrative investments on the market.

In this week’s Lightning Round, Private Briefing Editor Bill Patalon targets three defense companies in particular that are keeping the United States safe from threats like nuclear strikes and cyberattacks. These three companies defend the nation and turn a healthy profit doing it.   Watch below to find out how you could grab your share of those profits.

These 6 Global Threats Mean Profits for You

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