This Chart Shows the Next Recession Could Hit in November 2020

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According to one of the best predictors we have, the next recession could start as early as November 2020.

You’ve likely heard all about the “yield curve” in the financial media. In fact, we’ve talked a lot about a yield curve inversion here at Money Morning. In short, an inverted yield curve is when the 10-year Treasury yield falls below the two-year Treasury yield, and it’s one of the best predictors of a recession we have.

In a healthy economy, the 10-year yield should always be higher since investors have to wait longer for it to mature. That’s why it’s a very bad sign when the 10-year yield drops below the two-year yield.

A recession has followed every time that’s happened.

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But while you know a recession has followed every yield curve inversion, you might not know how long it takes to happen.

And since that could happen soon, we wanted to make sure you knew exactly what to expect…

Here’s When a Recession Starts

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