The “High-Yield” Craze Is Masking a Thoroughly Fatal Market Sickness

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Looking for yield? Be careful what you ask for…

Every slick Wall Street operator is hawking junk bonds and leveraged loans as the ultimate drug for yield-starved investors – those seeking “juicy returns” in an otherwise risk-saturated bond market.

What they’ll find is suicide by credit overdose.

I’m not surprised we’ve come to this point.

Now, those who know me know I’m not a big fan of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Acting as Wall Street’s un-official “drug pusher” for decades, it went hog wild post-2008, dispensing low-rate, cheap, and always freshly printed money at grotesque levels.

As a result, today’s “stimulus-addicted/Fed-supported” securities markets – thoroughly embroiled in bubbles – have crossed the Rubicon of debt and are now limping toward their own suicide, as you’ll see.

But it doesn’t have to get you.

Your broker and even your friends might think you look crazy for doing what I’m about to suggest, especially because the “good times” still appear to be rolling, but when the reckoning comes – and it will come soon – you’ll look not only smart, but downright rich compared to the folks who didn’t listen…

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