Marc’s Shocking New Hobby

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This is difficult for me to write…

Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld has been cheating.

Marc has a lot of hobbies… When he’s not trying to meet his deadlines for his hard-nosed editor (me) or digging into company financials on the Bloomberg terminal, he’s spending time with family, announcing a middleweight fight, going for a run or checking out the latest restaurants in South Florida.

But earlier this year I discovered Marc’s shocking new hobby…

He’s been writing for another company.

I’ll give you a moment to collect yourself. I was devastated at first too.

As many of you know, Marc is an accomplished author. His best-selling book Get Rich with Dividends: A Proven System for Earning Double-Digit Returns was named the 2016 Book of the Year by the Institute for Financial Literacy.

Get Rich with Dividends is such a valuable resource that it’s been printed in several languages and was a No. 1 Amazon best-seller.

And now he’s recently done it again.

He worked with global publisher Wiley & Sons on his latest book, You Don’t Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement: How to Maintain Your Lifestyle without Getting a Job or Cutting Corners.

America’s retirement crisis is getting worse by the minute. Estimates from Duke University suggest that we will need 130% of our current income saved – and the average retiree will spend $154,000 of those savings in out-of-pocket healthcare costs alone.

Marc’s book is the ultimate survival guide for your retirement years. In it, he shows you how to generate more income – even if you’re already retired – and spend less… without having to pick up another job.

You Don’t Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement will help you take stock of what you have and what you’ll need, and will show you how to bridge the gap between the two.

  • Lower your expenses without impacting your lifestyle.
  • Find unique ways of generating a meaningful amount of income that don’t require you to get a job.
  • Learn just how much you’ll need for a comfortable retirement.
  • Adopt new everyday strategies that will help you bolster your funds.

After I discovered Marc’s “transgression,” he let me have me a sneak peek of the book.

My favorite chapters are “Become the IRS: Have People Pay Taxes to You” and “Pay Less for Your Medicine.” I’ve already applied some of Marc’s tips and saved several hundred dollars.

You Don’t Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement hit No. 1 on Amazon before it officially launched on March 5. Thousands of people are already benefitting from Marc’s advice.

Click here to find the book on Amazon!

Marc and I are still doing trust exercises. That said, I’m confident You Don’t Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement will help you supercharge your returns.

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