AT&T Dividend Safety: Is $180 Billion in Debt Too Much?

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AT&T (NYSE: T) has amassed $180 billion in debt and the market cap is only $219 billion. This has many investors wondering, is AT&T’s dividend safe? Well, my short answer is yes… buying shares at current levels is a good risk-to-reward opportunity. AT&T’s steady stream of big dividends is hard to pass up…

AT&T Dividend per Share Over the Last 10 Years

AT&T paid investors $1.61 per share a decade ago. Since, the dividend has steadily climbed to $2. That’s a 22% increase and you can see the annual changes below…

AT&T recently announced that an increase of its quarterly dividend by another 2%. This dividend growth isn’t big but it’s keeping pace with inflation. The more enticing reason to invest is that shares have dropped 23% this year. As a result, the yield is climbing…

AT&T Dividend Yield Nears 7%

AT&T’s long history of paying dividends makes it the yield a great indicator of value. A higher yield is generally better for buyers. The dividend yield comes in at 6.79% and the chart below shows the dividend yield over the last 10 years…

AT&T Dividend Yield

With the 10-year treasury rate below 3%, AT&T seems like a steal. Although, we must first determine if AT&T’s dividend is safe…

Improved AT&T Dividend Safety Check

The elephant in the room with AT&T is the massive debt pile. Although, AT&T forecasts generating $26 billion in free cash flow next year. The company also expects to use about $12 billion in free cash flow after dividends to pay down debt in 2019. AT&T has spaced out its debt repayment schedule.

I don’t foresee any repayment issues and AT&T has the ability to sell off non-core assets and access revolving credit.

Here’s AT&T’s payout ratio based on free cash flow over the last 10 years…

AT&T Dividend Payout Ratio Based on Free Cash Flow

Factoring in debt repayment, AT&T’s dividend still looks safe. The beaten down shares have pushed the yield up and value investors are taking note.

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