Ignore This Market Myth and Bank 100% Profits from the “Selfie Generation”

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Today, we’re giving you an opportunity to double your money on what Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald calls the “selfie generation,” and their willingness to pay big bucks to look good.

Watch now to get the company to trade for a potential 100% gain:

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In the video above, Keith brought you a trade that could potentially double your money.

The fundamentals are good for this company. Its revenue is impressive and it’s leading a high-growth market.

But earnings and revenue numbers aren’t the only way Keith spots his next winner. And he wants to share his other recommendations with you right now.

Because Keith’s been showing his readers how to make TONS of money with his special, proprietary strategy he uses to identify only the best market-beating trades.

It’s called the “X Pattern.”

In the past 12 months, the X Pattern has helped his readers close out 140 winners. 64 of those winners were triple-digit windfalls.

While we can’t give away the exact details of this strategy on this page (you can hear it from him firsthand here), here’s a brief overview…

Put simply, Keith only recommends BUYING shares of a specific set of stocks when he sees this “X” appear.

Then, he tells his readers to SELL those same shares when he sees a second “X” appear.

And you can use this X Pattern to capture 350% gains every single week… week after week… for yourself.

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